NSA Nuclear Manufacturing

Ansaldo NES is the founder member of the National Skills Academy for Nuclear Manufacturing (NSA Nuclear Manufacturing).

The NSA Nuclear Manufacturing work with companies such as Ansaldo NES to ensure they are well placed and have the skilled workforce required to gain maximum value from this global nuclear renaissance. This is an unmissable opportunity for manufacturing organisations to prepare themselves for the new build contracts which, for the UK alone, run into billions.

The National Skills Academy Nuclear - Manufacturing is collaboration between the National Skills Academy for Nuclear, Semta and the Nuclear AMRC, of which Ansaldo NES are Tier One Board members. Bringing these three bodies together in this way maximises impact and value through a joint offer that builds on the manufacturing excellence developed to meet the specific needs of the nuclear industry with its focus on quality and safety culture.

The collaboration will work together to provide: 

  • A one stop shop for skills for nuclear manufacturing
  • High Quality Provider Network
  • Innovative support tools
  • Further development of key training courses and qualifications to support the up-skilling of manufacturers

With involvement from key manufacturing employers, like Ansaldo NES, this new expansion of the National Skills Academy for Nuclear will work to meet the identified capability and capacity skills challenges such as:

  • Workforce mobility
  • Shortage of apprentices, scientists and engineers
  • Age profile of existing workforce
  • Long induction periods
  • Competing demand for experienced people from national and international projects
  • Nuclear awareness, behaviour and culture
  • Suitably Qualified and Experienced Personnel

In addition, the dedicated manufacturing team, based at the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre in Sheffield, will also look at ways of addressing the most critical technical skills shortages identified in the manufacturing segment of the nuclear supply chain, such as:

  • Project management
  • High Integrity welding
  • Control and instrumentation
  • Planning and estimating
  • Non-destructive engineering
  • Manufacturing and design engineering

Benefits to Ansaldo NES

The key benefits to Ansaldo NES of the Skills Academy Expansion and of having a skilled workforce include:

  • Being more competitive and responsive, ensuring that they can bid for and win new contracts in the nuclear new build programme both in the UK and globally
  • Demonstrating to regulatory authorities that they are training to nationally recognised standards
  • Being able to demonstrate using the Skills Passport the competence of their workforce to Tier one and Tier two companies
  • Having a single point of entry for all working in and with the nuclear manufacturing industry
  • Being able to access a range of products and services designed to meet their specific needs for servicing the nuclear sector
  • Availability of fit for purpose training and qualification programmes delivered by high quality providers

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