One of Ansaldo NES’ unique selling points is its capacity to fully integrate engineering solutions spanning design through manufacturing into installation. Helping to build and grow future manufacturing capability is Ansaldo NES apprentice scheme, a key component in the future success of the business.

Four-year apprenticeships covering a broad base of manufacturing disciplines including mechanical and electrical fitting, machining and technical work such as test and commissioning of major plant and equipment are offered. The exact details of the placements vary from year to year in accordance with business’s needs.

Apprentice capability is developed through a mixture of on-the-job training working alongside skilled technicians and formal day release to a local college, which leads to an appropriate BTEC qualification.

Ansaldo NES are currently enhancing the apprenticeship program by expanding both the number and range of apprenticeships available. Ansaldo NES plan to expand the scheme to cover additional skills areas including testing and weld inspection.

A key part of the apprenticeship scheme is developing the link between engineering and manufacturing. Apprentices are encouraged to develop “design for manufacturing” skills ensuring that manufacturability is considered throughout all design stages and work with the engineering design department to develop these skills.

Ansaldo NES is currently working with specialist training providers and the National Skills Academy - Nuclear Manufacturing constantly refining the apprenticeship selection and development programs. This ensures that the scheme can effectively meet both the needs of the business and apprentices that Ansaldo NES commit to train. 

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