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Health Safety and Environment
At Ansaldo NES, Health, Safety and Environmental Management is an integral part of our business performance, and we are extremely proud of our employee and stakeholder commitment to achieving an impressive incident record.

The organisation strives to promote high standards of Health, Safety and Environmental Management and discharge its responsibilities through the HSE policy.
The company HS & E Policy statements, define the core aims and objectives of the management system which is achieved through strong management leadership, commitment and ownership.

 Ansaldo NES have an established a framework of procedures to support the discharge of the HSE policy commitments. Objectives and stretched targets are set and regularly reviewed to monitor progress and performance. The effectiveness is demonstrated through improving incident statistics and compliance records.

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NES are also members of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA). RoSPA promotes safety and the prevention of accidents at work, leisure, on the road, in the home and through safety education, a philosophy the NES strongly support.
In 2012 Ansaldo NES received the RoSPA Silver Award for Occupational Health and Safety, exceeded in 2013 and 2014 by achieving the RoSPA Gold Award. A copy of NES' RoSPA certification is attached within the downloads section of this page. 


Ansaldo NES commit to ensuring the implementation and maintenance of well-established Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) management systems to promote high standards of HSE throughout the organisation its products and services.
HSE objectives are set to clearly monitor and measure performance which is undertaken on a regular basis. Monitoring will also focus on compliance to:
• HSE management system;
• Applicable legislation and regulatory requirements;
• Incident management and Incident action management;
• Risk identification and mitigation;
• Management of data recording and monitoring is independently audited to ensure corrective action management is used to prevent negative outcomes.
Management reviews of the HSE management system and objectives and improvement program are monitored by the Senior Management Team at regular intervals through the year and ensure monthly targets are monitored on a monthly basis.
NES are certified to BS EN ISO14001:2004 for our environmental procedures, maintained through internal Audits and external LRQA audits. 


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