Manufacture & Assembly

Ansaldo NES provide in-house specialist facilities for manufacturing and assembly and are able to complete a variety of contracts, from small hand held equipment to large electromechanical plant machinery.

Manufacturing engineers work with the design team to ensure design for manufacture and design for assembly are considered prior to design release. In addition to this, they maintain an overview on the estimated cost versus final design cost to ensure value for money.

As well as in-house turnkey design and manufacture, Ansaldo NES is able to work independently on "build to print" contracts, working with the client's own designs.


 Ansaldo NES has machine capability to manufacture small components in addition to supporting assembly and test operations. Alongside basic machine tools, Ansaldo NES also has ultra-high pressure (UHP) waterjet cutting capabilities on one of two abrasive/pure water cutting tables. Capable of cutting materials from rubbers, plastics and foams through to stainless, carbon and hardened steels, Ansaldo NES are able to draw on over 20 years' experience in waterjet cutting through in-house personnel, helping reduce component lead time and material wastage.


 Ansaldo NES have a fabrication team highly experienced in working with carbon and stainless steels, as well as exotic metals. The team is supported by in-house welding engineers and NDE specialists responsible for weld procedures and welder qualifications.

Wolverhampton Manufacturing Facilities

Bay 9 – 2400 m2 bay

  • Pit Facility, 20 m (l) x 10 m (w) x 5 m (d)
  • Combined 55 tonne overhead crane (10.13 m under hook) & 15 tonne overhead crane (10.9 m under hook)
  • 10 tonne overhead crane (6.9 m under hook)
  • 5.9 m high roller door access
  • Dedicated area for the assembly & test of small precision items (56 m2)
  • 4.8 m high roller door access.


Tower Facility 

  • Test tower, 8 m (l) x 10 m (w) x 30 m (h)
  • 20 tonne overhead crane (tower area) (24.46 m under hook)
  • 6.4 m high roller door access
  • 25 m test structure adaptable to meet customer requirements.


Bay 8 – 2430 m2 bay

  • 600 m2 storage area
  • 500 m2 jobbing shop to support build and test operations and small component manufacture
  • 150 m2 fabrication area
  • 150 m2 cooler refurbishment area (marine - secure)
  • 420 m2 lay down area
  • Two 7.5 tonne cranes (6.47 m and 7.12 m under hook) – potential for crane capacity to be extended to 10 tonne
  • Works offices (manufacture, assembly, testing & HSE).


Bay 7 – 2900 m2 bay

  • 10 tonne crane (6.15 m to under hook and 6.28 m to crane steelwork)
  • 7.5 tonne crane (5.87 m under hook & 6.25 m to crane steelwork)
  • 4.3 m high roller door access.


UHP Waterjet Area

  • 3 m x 2 m Abrasive/Pure water UHP waterjet cutting table
  • 2 m x 1 m Abrasive/Pure water UHP waterjet cutting table
  • 200 Hp KMT Intensifier pump


Beckermet Facilities

Bay - 1500 m2 bay

28 m high test tower 11 m (l) x 26 m (w) x 28 m (h)

  • 20 tonne high tower crane (28 m under hook)
  • Test pit 6 m (l) x 6 m (w) x 6 m (d)
  • 60 tonne building crane (12 m under hook)
  • 8.5 m high roller door access (both ends of facility).

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