Apprentices visit Sellafield

8 August, 2014

Apprentices from Nuclear Engineering Services (NES) and TIS Cumbria Limited (TIS) were welcomed to Sellafield Site Limited recently for a rare opportunity to tour the Magnox Swarf Storage Silos (MSSS) area.
The tour was arranged to allow apprentices from both companies to gain a better understanding of the project, as both are working closely together to support Sellafield in this hugely important decommissioning programme.
The apprentices are already familiar with the Silo Emptying Plant (SEP) machines, currently under construction at NES, and this visit helped to put the project into context for the budding engineers.
Participants were able to learn important aspects of nuclear safety and to experience first-hand the controls in place to protect workers on the project. They also gained a better understanding of the scale and complexity involved in the decommissioning challenge.

NES Marketing and Communications Manager, Jean Isherwood, who accompanied the apprentices commented:
“The visit today has been of significant educational benefit to apprentices from both NES and TIS. We should like to thank our colleagues at Sellafield for affording us this opportunity to visit the site where the SEP machines will be installed and operational. It certainly helped to understand the scale of the challenge and will help our apprentices as they contribute to future work in this area.”
Chris Halliwell, Head of Programme for MSSS, comments:
“We recognise the importance of supporting our partners with their apprenticeship programmes, having our own very strong tradition for training new talent in the industry. We were delighted to support this collaboration between NES and TIS in bringing their apprentices together to learn more about our decommissioning programmes at Sellafield. It is vital that new talent is nurtured and developed with an understanding of how we operate in a nuclear environment. Apprentices from both companies now have a greater understanding of the challenges we face and the importance of the work they will be doing to support us in the future.”
Apprentices also visited the NES North West facility at Beckermet and also the new TIS facility in Workington, where apprentice Danielle Easdon led the tour of the manufacturing facility.