Putting Safety At The Forefront of Everything We Do

Ansaldo NES operates an Integrated Business Management system for QHSE and adopts the philosophy that

“Nuclear Safety = Quality", and "Quality = Nuclear Safety”.

The business provides all employees with a QHSE induction during their first month.
Ansaldo NES QHSE strategy is based on the seven themes depicted in the “Temple of QHSE”. Annual improvement plans are set against each of the themes to drive improved performance and KPIs are used to monitor performance monthly.
 QHSE Strategy

The Head of QHSE reports directly to the Business Managing Director and is responsible for defining QHSE strategy and implementing day to day controls to assure customer and regulatory requirements are met. The QHSE organisation at Ansaldo NES includes highly qualified and experienced managers with backgrounds in nuclear and other safety critical regulated engineering. The current team are suitably qualified for their roles with qualifications which include Chartered IOSH, Fellow of Chartered Quality Institute, MBA, Post Graduate Manufacturing Management and Technology and PhD in Physics.

The business operates an integrated project team structure. Projects are managed by a APM qualified project manager who have dedicated Project Quality Engineering resource appointed to the project, responsible for assuring all customer and project specific quality requirements are managed throughout all phases of the project
Procedures are in place across all functions to assure all personnel associated with product design and realisation are suitably qualified and experienced with annual personal development plans in place for all employees.

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