In order to meet the needs of our clients, we have processes and procedures in place that encourage, support, and ensure that our supply chain can meet the quality and performance expectations of Ansaldo NES and our customers.

Ansaldo NES operate a preferred and approved suppliers list, assessing and continually evaluating our suppliers.

Focusing on the core skills and requirements within the supply chain that can bring about the greatest improvements and benefits, including:

Quality ‘Right First Time’

Supplying quality materials, components, processes, documentation, and services.

Inventory and Supply Management

Ansaldo NES suppliers must demonstrate:

  • Clear understanding of supply
  • Commitment to schedules
  • Delivery ‘on time, every time’
  • Documentation supply requirements
  • Reduced lead times.

Managing Cost

Providing 'value for money', working with suppliers to remove all unnecessary waste through our ISO14001 accreditation and adoption of LEAN manufacturing and 6-Sigma techniques.

Supply Chain Development Toolbox
Ansaldo NES work with suppliers to establish, develop and maintain strong relationships, ensuring best value solutions are provided.

Self-Assessment Audit Document
To review and assess the capability of the suppliers. Initially completed by selected suppliers with an option for Ansaldo NES to follow up any responses and carry out a full process audit at the supplier’s premises.

Framework Agreements
To develop Ansaldo NES’s supply chain, suppliers can work to achieve ‘Preferred’ status. Criteria include agreeing and signing a formal framework agreement, which forms the foundation of the relationship between Ansaldo NES and the preferred supplier.

Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
Preferred suppliers performance will be measured against agreed criteria (typically quarterly) that will be outlined in SLAs. This criteria will include delivery performance, quality, payment performance, business levels (e.g. spend), cost reduction and value engineering initiatives.

Supplier Portal
Ansaldo NES have introduced a Supplier Portal to initially generate RFQ’s. Through its development, the supplier portal shall be used to generate and report agreed metrics with all suppliers.