Test & Commissioning

Highly specialised facilities ideally place Ansaldo NES to carry out a wide variety of test and commissioning activities at our Wolverhampton and North West Division Beckermet sites. With 30 m high tower facilities, coupled with 6 m deep pits at both Wolverhampton and Beckermet, these provide the perfect facilities to test large pieces of equipment where standard factory height with regular floor loadings proves insufficient.

Within the Ansaldo NES Wolverhampton site, two large testing frames have been developed within the tower facility used for testing items such as retrieval patterns of manipulators, core monitoring hoist retrieval equipment, testing of fuel maintenance cells, channel bore monitoring equipment and additional fuel build facilities.

The 6 m deep pit facilities enable integrated works testing of large scale plant equipment. Floor pilings within the pits are capable of supporting approximately 1500 tonnes. 

A second pit facility has been added to the Wolverhampton works. Initially used for retrievals endurance and pattern testing and then available for any suitable contracts. 
Ansaldo NES's North West Division Beckermet site is located approximately 2.5 miles from the main gate of Sellafield. This is the closest facility of its type to the Sellafield site. The new purpose built facility, opened in 2011, has standard workshop height of 12 m serviced by a 60 tonne crane with a supporting 20 tonne crane within the tower area.

Supporting all of the facilities within Ansaldo NES are the Suitably Qualified and Experienced Personnel (SQEP). The Ansaldo NES test and commissioning department not only carry out functional test procedures but also develop and implement integrated testing schedules and preventative maintenance operations. Test and commissioning personnel also design and implement onsite commissioning activities.